Freeze all or fresh transfer?

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Freeze all or fresh transfer?

#1 Post by JoBoJo » Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:11 am

Hi ladies,

I am asking for some advice please, :D

I am on my first round of IVF. I am a patient with care fertility and have been fortunate enough not to have had my treatment cancelled due to covid-19. It has been touch and go throughout the cycle with one minute being told it would be cancelled when I was down regging to it then being back on!! However I was told that it would be a freeze all cycle.

However, when I had my egg collection on Wednesday (retrieved 6 eggs) the consultant stated that she would actually consider a fresh transfer and has done So for other patients. Primarily it was supposed to be for patients who’s embryos were not good enough for freezing. However, she stated that she would give me the option of a Fresh transfer even if I had embryos to freeze- she would prefer me to have a freeze all due to covid-19 but would give me the choice.

So I am on day 3 now and the embryologist has called with my results so far

1 x 8 cell grade 1
1 x 8 cell grade 2
1 x 6 cell grade 2
1 x 5 cell grade 2
1 x 4 cell grade 3

Transfer day would be on Monday morning, this is if they turn to blastocyst. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed and not getting my hopes up too much.

So basically, the consultant is now saying that if they are good enough to freeze on Monday she would not do a transfer. Feel like an emotional mess. One minute I get geared up to having a transfer and then not. The reasons she gave are obviously due to covid-19 and the associated risks, secondly To give my body rest from all the drugs and thirdly I am on antibiotics due to having small amount of endometriosis so if there was any inflammation left it would not make a good environment for implantation.

So my question is do I fight my corner and say I want a fresh Transfer on Monday (all being well with my embryo’s)? I am 36 and like many women don’t know when the govt will allow IVF (in vitro fertilization) to recommence due to virus. I am working from home at the moment and have no stress of work like I usually would. The lining of my womb is the right thickness now for transfer and if I have a frozen cycle will have another two weeks of more drugs. I would also pay for private scans if necessary due to the strain on NHS.

Or do I just go with the consultants advice and have a break? She is the expert after all. It was planned for me to have antibiotics from the outset so surely If inflammation was a concern why didn’t she suggest a freeze all from the start? (Pre vivid-19?)

Would they just discard any poor eggs that are not good enough to freeze? And keep the good ones?

Sorry for the REALLY long post! It may actually be taken out of my hands on Monday if I don’t get a blast that is good enough but just want to be prepared. - Thank you!! Xx

Jo S
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Re: Freeze all or fresh transfer?

#2 Post by Jo S » Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:28 am

Hi Jo

I am sorry you didn't get any replies - I have just seen this. What was your outcome and what did you decide? I was in a similar position to you (cycle got to egg collection) but my consultant insisted on a freeze all as I suffered with severe OHSS before and was showing signs this time round too. It was not fair to end up in hospital again when the NHS is so stretched. I was worried at the thought of a freeze all as from 2 previous rounds and 28 eggs, only 1 embryo got to blastocyst (now my daughter) but wasn't good enough to freeze. For some reason though this round went much better and we ended up with 4 to freeze which was a relief. Obviously now I think a freeze all was the right decision but had we got none to freeze I would have always wondered whether fresh was best.

Hope you got some blastocysts and you are happy with the outcome. xx

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