First cycle

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First cycle

#1 Post by ZeMiA » Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:39 pm

Hi Everyone!!!

Be gently ... this is my first post!!!
My first IVF cycle!!!
And what a crazy time to do probably one of the biggest things in your life!!!
We had our embryo transfer last Friday .... just in time before fresh cycles ended!
I’m now analysing every body ache.... head ache.... sickness.... bloat! You name it I think I have had them all!
I keep telling myself this is all normal and it doesn’t mean it’s a yes or no!
I’ve never been one to think I suffer from anxiety but my goodness!!!
The wait for doing a test is killing me!!!
Has this happened to everyone ????

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Re: First cycle

#2 Post by Mypoppy » Fri Apr 03, 2020 8:32 am

Hi Zemia, it’s my first ivf cycle too. I had FET transferred on Tuesday. I don’t feel anything on the day but I’m very exhausted on the second day with some twitching. Today is my 3dp5dt. I’m trying not to spot the symptoms but trying to not searching on google is harder. I don’t even know what I to feel. It’s so normal like nothing happening. The waiting is really hard. What did you noticed so far? Stay safe x

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Re: First cycle

#3 Post by ZeMiA » Fri Apr 03, 2020 7:24 pm

So I’m day 7 from transfer, 6 days away from testing.
Today has to be my worst day if I’m being honest.... I feel really light headed like I’m going to pass out!!!
Other symptoms I’ve had are my boobs are crazy big and sensitive, my stomach is really itchy! I can’t keep my eyes open as I just want to sleep but yet constantly waking through the night and having crazy hot flashes!!!
Trying not to psycho analyse and telling myself it’s all down to the joyful progesterone pessaries!!!
But I think I constantly underestimate the journey!!! Every time I think I have control my body tells me ... “no no stupid” we got this!!!
I will be keeping everything crossed for you!!!
Rests lots... belly laugh as often as you can and have lots of snuggles with the people you love!!!
Be safe also.... x

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