Positive tests after miscarriage

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Positive tests after miscarriage

#1 Post by thegirlwho » Sat Mar 28, 2020 12:15 am

I don't know if anyone has any thoughts or experience but I'm a bit confused.

I had a miscarriage just over 2 weeks ago now at about 6.5 weeks, spent the day at hospital getting checked out where they did a blood test to confirm, I was going to go for a follow up blood test 2 days later to make sure levels were dropping but the blood test came back negative despite urine still being positive so they said it was all fine and complete and there was no need for a follow up.

So now I'm eager to get my cycle back and wanted to make sure it was negative (bit of a hail Mary but whilst we can't go ahead with FETs we thought we'd try ourselves despite the low chances) and my urine test is still completely positive, not even fainter. Does it really take this long for it to disappear from my system even though its out of my blood? I know it can take a while after a miscarriage but it seems strange for the blood test to be negative over 2 weeks ago for it to still be in my pee.

I'm just s tiny bit worried that it means something is wrong but it's obviously the absolute worst time to go to the EPU atm. Hoping someone has (unfortunately) experienced the same and can maybe reassure its completely normal.

Just to add I very much doubt its a new pregnancy at this stage.

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Re: Positive tests after miscarriage

#2 Post by Ericandjill » Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:18 pm

I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks with twins back in May last year. I was still having faint positives 5 weeks post miscarriage and bleeding on and off. I remember they asked me to do a test 2 weeks after bleeding to see and then if positive to ring for some advice. I had a scan and there was the tiniest bit of retained tissue that did eventually come away. I would give them a call because it can pose an infection risk or they may say give it another week or so. My experience was the tiniest bit of tissue remaining still released the tiniest bit of hcg causing the positive test. It's just so frustrating when your trying to get your cycle back because it wont start while you've got hcg in your system. I would give your epu a call rather than go down with everything that is going on.
Hope that helps and so sorry for you going through this, ot really is just hwartbreaking xxx

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