Easter eggs and Christmas babies...

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Re: Easter eggs and Christmas babies...

#451 Post by Foxy79 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:25 am

I managed to reset my log in details tonight....A huge Happy Birthday to you Chloe! Ann I hope you’ve had a lovely day with your little girl. If you ever do decide to jump onto Facebook we would welcome you with open arms! A couple of the girls (Louisa and Goody) left the FB group so I’m not sure how they are doing but the rest of us are still there and enjoying seeing our little Easter Eggs continue to grow. I feel really emotional writing on here and wish I’d kept up while I was pregnant. One day I will read through all of our posts and likely sob uncontrollably as I remember what we went through. I will forever be grateful for this group and the sanity and friendship that came along with it.

So here we go...our babies are turning 3. It seems like only yesterday yet also a lifetime ago. We are so so lucky.

We did try earlier this year for a sibling, we agreed on 2 further attempts and no more. The first was a BFN and the second a Chemical. I was sad but nothing like the days of seeing one shitty line before I had Evelyn. I would love to have more kids though so we have recently started the adoption process. Unless anyone from the group comes on here and sees this message they don’t know yet! It’s early days and similar to this is a long process. I think because we have had to tell so many people that I am in some ways trying to keep it a secret so I have it as a nice surprise to tell people when it hopefully does happen. Let’s hope they don’t all find their log in details and come on here! :lol:

Anyway I had best get myself to bed. It would be lovely to think you will get an email notification of this message so I will pop back to check.

Lots of Love
Claire & Evelyn (aka Foxy and Easter Egg :wink: )

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Re: Easter eggs and Christmas babies...

#452 Post by Annie127 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:40 pm

Hi Claire AKA Foxy!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I looked on here but something made me think I should take a look and started reading the thread from the beginning and I thought I will skip to the end as I saw there was a relatively new post! I cannot believe our kids are now 3! The time has certainly flown by it’s amazing how quick they grow up.

Chloe is a proper little girl now although she likes to say she is getting bigger nearly a big girl soon lol! Her character is amazing and I truely live her more each day she’s a little miracle.

I didn’t end up returning to work after nearly going to court for unfair dismissal after they wouldn’t have me back part time or offer suitable alternatives even though they promised me all sorts but in the end they paid me off and it was the best thing. I decided I didn’t want to miss Chloe growing up and don’t regret a thing.

I’m so sorry to hear you went for 2 more rounds and neither worked out for you. I put off the decision to extend my egg freezing for as long as possible because I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to go again and Care were very good I even went back for counselling and I knew if I went back and it didn’t work the first time I would probably try again and in the end decided that was I was lucky at my age to have had a great pregnant and labour and a healthy beautiful daughter so why try again and potentially have something go wrong. I think especially having had a few friends that I’ve met through mum groups have second children recently I have thought about it again and what life may be like but I’m very blessed with Chloe and we are a perfect family.

Well done for going ahead with adoption I think that’s amazing of you to do that I know it’s a lengthy but rewarding process so I hope it works out for you.

I would love to know how everyone else is and I’m still not on Facebook I’m afraid but hope everyone is doing fab so love to them all. I also loved sharing the process with everyone it made it so much easier to go through with every little worry being shared and the support we all gave each other.

Lots of love to Evelyn and take care of yourself.

Ann and Chloe.xx

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