IUI/IVF after Myomectomy and with sperm retrieval and own eggs at 43

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IUI/IVF after Myomectomy and with sperm retrieval and own eggs at 43

#1 Post by katiejayne » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:30 pm


I am brand new to any forum and hoping for some advice or experiences from others. I have searched looking for any forums that discuss this and can't find any so thought I'd make the first step and ask!

In terms of background, I am 43 years old, my partner has two kids (20 and 16) from his previous marriage. He had a vasectomy approx 15 years ago. He had a reversal in Oct and it was unsuccessful due to azoospermia. We then decided to go down the IVF route (own eggs and sperm) and opted for Reprofit in Brno. We are using a company called myivfjourney. As requested, I had an internal scan in March which showed a 10cm fibriod. I had this removed 5 weeks ago by open myomectomy (it ended up been 8ish cms), and was advised to wait 3 months before progressing IVF by my consultant. The clinic in Brno won't give treatment yet as have said to wait 9-12 months which means we can't start any treatment there (inc. IUI) until Feb at the earliest, obviously a long time to wait when 43 and I'll be nearly be 44 by then.

Whilst I have been off recovering from my op, I've been googling and would like to try IUI first, although would still need sperm retrieval as well. As I didn't have my blood tests (AMH etc?...these are all new acronyms to us) due to the fibroid discovery, I am going to go for these tests tomorrow (day 2 period) as want to know what my egg situation is in the meantime. The place I am getting the tests done have suggested I could freeze my eggs (if good enough) to use in February.

We are attending the Care fertility event on 2 July but have some questions that I can't wait for, or would be interested in hearing other experiences, so please do reply :)

1. Has anyone got experience of been told to wait a year following removal of fibroid before having IVF ? Considering our consultant who is a fertility specialist said 3 mths....
2. Has anyone over 43 done IUI and what was your experience, particularly with sperm retrieval?
3. If doing IUI, can you freeze the sperm to use next cycle?
4. Advice on freezing my eggs now?

Been following the forum and its been really helpful, and any experiences would be welcome.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: IUI/IVF after Myomectomy and with sperm retrieval and own eggs at 43

#2 Post by Soniask » Wed Jan 29, 2020 10:28 am

Hi Katie ,
I have just found your post and it seems like you are going through exactly what I am .
I wanted to touch base and see if we could compare our treatments ?
Hopefully speak soon

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