Any Lesbian couples out there?

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Re: Any Lesbian couples out there?

#351 Post by Cherrie91 » Tue May 19, 2020 7:01 pm

Hi, sorry I didn't give much info on the last post didn't really know how to word things. I am 28 and I am in a same sex relationship. Originally was going nhs funded now going private (long story behind that). I can't remember what he said it was called but its the internal scan to check tubes I think? I got an email stating they were opening clinics again but because we are being sent back to the nhs for the tests the doctor that does them is currently being Furloughed so we are now on a list. Obviously money wise iui would be better but I see a lot of people opt for ivf. I think I'm reading far to much different things and getting completely overwhelmed with everything. So just wanted thoughts on others that have gone through it.
Thanks for responding

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Re: Any Lesbian couples out there?

#352 Post by Sar10 » Fri May 22, 2020 2:34 pm

Hi all,

I was on here a long time ago after a difficult journey!
1st round - miscarried at 8 weeks, 2nd round- lost at 20 weeks.
However, we decided to go again and here we are pregnant again at 13 weeks!
I am 34 and my partner is 27, thought I’d just say hi 👋

Nicole x

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Re: Any Lesbian couples out there?

#353 Post by Susie&Char19 » Fri May 22, 2020 7:49 pm

Hey new to the group :)
Myself and my partner started the process in September but had to stop due to her losing her job but we are back on the journey now .. I’m due to have my hycosy on the 1st of June then will be put on the sperm waiting list straight after (already done consultation for that)
My questions are
How long are people waiting for sperm atm ?
And has anyone had a successful unmedicated IUI ? If so which try was it ? #1#2#3 or more ?
I already have two children conceived naturally with my ex so I can definitely get pregnant
Thank you
Susie & Char

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